Xpress Flooring has quickly become an industry choice for commercial and industrial spaces. Quarry-Tek™ is a durable and cost efficient alternative in providing or rehabilitating a wide variety of flooring environments to meet the most aggressive requirements.

Quarry-Tek's™ many advantages have made it the flooring solution for facilities including: Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing, BOH, Bars, Bathrooms, Locker Rooms, Government, Healthcare, Laboratories, Marine, Military, Pharmaceutical, Sports, Veterinary, etc.

Xpress Flooring has almost thirty years of experience in commercial flooring. Using our unique & proprietary blend called Quarry-Tek™​, our highly trained and experienced staff will install a superior and cost effective product while minimizing any interruption to your operation.

Quarry-Tek™ satisfies the demands of our clients with quick turnaround, tenacious bonding and low maintenance.