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                                Top 10 Benefits of Quarry-Tek® Floors

 1. Quarry-Tek® is more durable and 5 times stronger than concrete, which increases lifespan                and eliminates costly repairs.
 2. Quarry-Tek® floors have at least twice the life of other flooring.  However, when repairs are              necessary, they can easily be completed without the costs of a complete renovation.
 3. Quarry-Tek® is both seamless and nonporous, which renders it impermeable to moisture.                 It is impervious to environmental contaminants such as bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. 
 4. Quarry-Tek®'s proprietary composition produces a finish that chemicals, temperature and acid          will not damage, discolor, or stain.
 5. Quarry-Tek®'s slip resistance will be customized to suit the needs of each area of your facility.          We can produce a smooth, medium or heavily textured finish.
 6. Quarry-Tek® is very low maintenance.  It can be cleaned and disinfected quickly, without harsh        chemicals, therefore reducing the cost of daily maintenance.
 7. Quarry-Tek® is FDA, LEED, SQF and USDA compliant.
 8. Quarry-Tek® has no objectionable odors and is safe for all environments with zero VOCs.
 9. Quarry-Tek®'s rapid installation and turnaround time allows us to install up to 1000 ft² per day          with a 3 man crew, while not requiring 
aggressive floor prep like "shot blasting".                                The floor will be ready for foot traffic the following day.​

10 Quarry-Tek® currently is available in 10 standard colors which can be customized to meet                  your specific requirements.  We can create personalized logos, borders, silhouettes, etc.