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  • Quarry-Tek® satisfies the demands of our clients with quick turnaround, tenacious bonding and low maintenance. Quarry-Tek can handle heavy traffic and chemicals while guaranteeing that processing plants and healthcare facilities are FDA/USDA compliant.

  • Xpress Flooring has over twenty five years of experience in commerical flooring.  Using our Unique & Proprietary formulation called Quarry-Tek®​, our highly trained and experienced staff will install a superior and cost effective product while minimizing any interruption to your operation.

  • Epoxy flooring's many advantages has made it the flooring solution of choice for various facilities including: Aquatic, Education, Food Processing, Foodservice, Government, Healthcare, Laboratories, Marine, Military, Pharmaceutical, Sports, Veterinary, etc. 

  • Epoxy flooring has quickly become the industry choice for the majority of commercial and industrial spaces.  Epoxy is a durable and cost efficient way of providing or rehabilitating a wide variety of flooring environments to meet the most aggressive requirements.